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The Fighter for Truth and Finding the Good in Companies - Dale Cardwell

Dale Cardwell

Dale Cardwell always wanted to be in the media, and his career is one that would make many jealous. Little did he know that his career of finding the 'truth' and reporting the bad things people did would lead him to pivot and find the GOOD in companies and contractors. He shines the light on reliable and reputable companies that can help consumers with their home and service needs. His network, called, is built on his investigative journalistic background and creates a platform for consumers to find contractors in a marketplace with a guarantee of performance. Did you know our amazing voices can go beyond just the microphone? Yes, we have video! Subscribe to our YouTube channel here!



(00:00) - Small Business Safari with Dale Cardwell

(12:34) - Truth in Journalism

(21:16) - Turning Point in Dale Cardwell’s Career

(31:17) - Lessons Learned From Entrepreneurship and Politics

(44:47) - Business Ethics and Consumer Protection

(55:40) - Entrepreneurship, Family, and Success


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