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Entrepreneurial Insights: Fred or Fraud, Decision Coaching, and Social Media Tips!

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Are you authentically presenting yourself on social media? Corey takes us through the steps to understand how to create a successful social media presence. Two things have stayed constant: Sales is sales, and people are people. You need to stay "top-of-mind" with your customer base by figuring out who you are targeting and what you want them to remember about you. Be authentically social.

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After years of building my home services business…I came to a realization. I’m also in the training business!

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2 Weeks to Transform Your Contracting Business Into a 7 Figure Business

His coaching academy teaches contractors how to scale their businesses. He helps them establish a winning sales mentality, building an intentional core value-based culture. We talked about establishing the “DNA” that your company needs to have to be successful.

The Concierge Decision Coach | Jodi Hume

Do you struggle with decision-making challenges? Decision fatigue is a genuine issue. Enter Jodi Hume, a seasoned business coach since 2004. Her forte lies in aiding CEOs/COOs/CFOs with decision support. Contrary to popular belief, most people aren't indecisive; they're simply afraid it might be a bad idea or find the process daunting.

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