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How I’m Re-Engaging My Employees This Summer

This is Chris Lalomia.

Welcome to my EXTRAordinary newsletter!


I am going to share some of the gold nuggets from my podcast The Small Business Safari and the incredible guests we have had the good fortune to have on the show.

Specifically, I am going to give you quick-to-digestinformation to help energize you and help YOU in your business. If you want more, all you need to do, is go listen to that episode or you can go check us on Youtube for short videos if you just can’t find the time. Start reading

Gold Nuggets! - Frank Rocks it This Week!

Tripling Your Business with Frank Pellegruto's Proven Strategies

  • Discover how asking the right questions and truly listening to your clients can skyrocket your small business success in our engaging conversation with Frank Pellegruto, owner of Decks and More in Atlanta.

  • Have you ever experienced great customer service? The podcast talks about the Ritz Carlton model of taking care of the customer at all levels and empowering employees to be the face of your company.

Check This Out!

After years of building my home services business…I came to a realization. I’m also in the training business!

While it may appear that my success happened overnight, the truth is that it took 13 years of hard work and dedication to build this bulletproof system.

If you’re interested in finally scaling your business, check us out here.

Warning Your Business May Have These Side Effects

1. Increased Profitability

2. Improved Customer Satisfaction Rating

3. Having a course that speaks your tech's language

(trust me keeping them engaged is tough!)

Get our expert customer service training now!

If You Missed Last Month's Podcasts...

Exploring the Power of Networking and Goal-Setting | Mike Van Pelt

“The beautiful thing about networking, is that you start meeting people, and it's awesome!

I've had some strategic partnerships come out of them. I have a very significant company that I'm working with right now."

See how Mike built those relationships here

Epic Vacations, Military Tales, and Home Remodeling Journeys | Dan Weidmann

“We've reshaped the company based on going through the Great Recession.

We're a lot leaner now, so we're just shy of 8 millionproduced last year, but we have less staff. I had 18 people on staff. Right now I'm down to 15 and producing more.”

See how Dan built this power house here

Tackling Shoplifters (Literally) and Journeying Into Entrepreneurship | Eric Estevez

“It was usually people (were the problem).

I asked myself who are the cancer's? Are they the right person? The right place, wrong time? So, I learned how to place people and maximize their output.”

Learn Eric's techniques to managing people here

Scaling a Moving and Junk Removal Business | Roger Panitch

“I remember the moment, that first year when we did $1.1 million & then realizing a few years later that we had done $1 million in a quarter and were like, holy sh*t!

I remember when we used to just watch the sales sheet every single day, wondering if we could get here.”

See how Roger scaled his business here

Tips From My Book!

Assembling Your Wolf Pack

Recruiting lone wolves (technicians) requires showcasing the benefits of joining your "wolf pack." Traditional recruitment methods may not be effective, as lone wolves are independent and want to see how your organization can improve their lives.

It is crucial to define your organizational culture and demonstrate how following your processes allows them to focus on their strengths.

Imposing too many restrictions or processes can stifle their problem-solving abilities and diminish their drive to excel as artists.

You want to work for them... so they can succeed. Therefore, your company succeeds.

BTW you're not going to want to miss next week's episode...

Sarah Block is joining us and man did she drop some nuggets! You can look foward to us talking about:

Decoding AI and Digital Marketing

Uncovering your audience using LinkedIn

Increasing open rates on newsletters

BONUS: Sarah has a 1-time offer for our listeners, you are going to want to tune in...

This one isn't ready to launch but in the meantime

you can check out my other episodes

Catch You in July!


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