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Dale Cardwell and New Co-Host of Radio!

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Featured Guest | Dale Cardwell

Dale always wanted to be in the media, and his career is one that would make many jealous. Little did he know that his career of finding the 'truth' and reporting the bad things people did would lead him to pivot and find the GOOD in companies and contractors. He shines the light on reliable and reputable companies that can help consumers with their home and service needs.

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After years of building my home services business…I came to a realization. I’m also in the training business!

While it may appear that my success happened overnight, the truth is that it took 13 years of hard work and dedication to build this bulletproof system.

If you’re interested in finally scaling your business, check us out here.

Warning Your Business May Have These Side Effects

1. Increased Profitability

2. Improved Customer Satisfaction Rating

3. Having a course that speaks your tech's language

(trust me keeping them engaged is tough!)

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Value Ladder? – What is it? It involves offering something at a low cost to get the customer into your ecosystem, and then continually offering value and new offers that will increase their spend with you, as well as their perceived value.

AI Can Handle Your “Karen” Customer - Uzair Ahmed Is Transforming HVAC Customer Interactions

Uzair Ahmed joins us to discuss his disruptive approach to improving HVAC companies customer service using AI technology to handle customer interactions. His ideas was born from his work starting a mobile mechanic business and trying to scale the idea as the #Uber of automotive maintenance.

From Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur through Franchising Steve Miller

Steve Miller returns to provide practical advice on determining if franchise ownership is the right path for you in the world of entrepreneurship. Are you frustrated enough to make a go of it in the wild and oftentimes difficult world of small business ownership? For most home service-based franchise opportunities, Steve recommends having at least $170K in liquid form to weather the first year of getting the business off the ground.

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