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Looking For A Niche to Profit In?

  • Tyler Jefcoat has found his $100 million dollar niche!

  • Tyler is the Founder and CEO of Seller Accountant, a company specializing in financial coaching for e-commerce sellers generating over $100 million in annual sales.

How to Grow E-Commerce Brands

Check This Out!

After years of building my home services business…I came to a realization. I’m also in the training business!

While it may appear that my success happened overnight, the truth is that it took 13 years of hard work and dedication to build this bulletproof system.

If you’re interested in finally scaling your business, check us out here.

Warning Your Business May Have These Side Effects

1. Increased Profitability

2. Improved Customer Satisfaction Rating

3. Having a course that speaks your tech's language

(trust me keeping them engaged is tough!)

Get our expert customer service training now!

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Achieving rapid profitability hinges on discovering a targeted niche that aligns with your capabilities, as it's often said that Niches bring the Riches! In pursuit of this objective, Todd crafted a comprehensive framework designed to guide you in not only identifying a lucrative niche within a marketplace but also in establishing dominance within it.

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Ready for a heartwarming chat with a man who’s as passionate about revving Dodge Vipers as he is about successful business transitions and remodeling industry? Our guest for the episode, Andy Apter, the president of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), is just that! Listen here

Gottlieb who recently sold his companies for $100MM. That’s right 100MM! His secret? He did it through starting with a solid vision statement and then building his team and focusing on execution, sales, and consistent training. Listen here

Tips From My Book!

Online Reputation Management

After being in business for eight years, I realized that Online Reviews became a huge part of my reputation management.

Always share positive reviews with your team because they earned it. Moreover, it serves to reinforce the right habits with your people.

Here are the critical GOLD nuggets that will help you in managing negative online reviews:

  • Do NOT make it personal

  • Do NOT try to argue your case in the court of public online review

  • Do NOT try to offer a resolution in this response

  • Do NOT write more than two sentences

Catch You in October!


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