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The Concierge Decision Coach | Jodi Hume

Do you struggle with decision-making challenges? Decision fatigue is a genuine issue. Enter Jodi Hume, a seasoned business coach since 2004. Her forte lies in aiding CEOs/COOs/CFOs with decision support. Contrary to popular belief, most people aren't indecisive; they're simply afraid it might be a bad idea or find the process daunting. Jodi thrives on assisting individuals in “letting people do what they do best” using an 'Improv' style that guides them through the process and directs focus toward outcomes. Did you know our amazing voices can go beyond just the microphone? Yes, we have video! Subscribe to our YouTube channel here!



(00:00) – Small Business Safari Leadership Coaching

(03:52) – Decision and Leadership in Architecture

(11:22) – Transitioning From Architecture to Coaching

(23:27) – The Benefits of Taking Breaks

(31:28) – Testing and Parenting 

(35:23) – Business Success Through Networking and Referrals

(42:37) – The Challenges of Describing Hard-to-Explain Work

(54:44) – Staple Gun Mishaps and Business Lessons


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Instagram | @jodihume


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