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Guest Interview: Christopher Lalomia – Handyman Lessons for Painters

Chris Lalomia is the founder and owner of The Trusted Toolbox, a handyman and remodeling company based in Atlanta, GA. In this episode, Chris shares his unique insights into how to effectively build and market a painting company, having successfully founded and grown a large company in a similar industry. The insights shared here are unique, deep, and absolutely worth listening to!

If you want to ask Christopher Lalomia questions related to anything in this podcast series, you can do so in our exclusive Painter Marketing Mastermind Podcast Forum on Facebook. Just search for “Painter Marketing Mastermind Podcast Forum” on Facebook and request to join the group, or type in the URL Again that URL is There you can ask Chris questions directly by tagging him with your question, so you can see how anything discussed here applies to your particular painting company


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