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AI Can Handle Your “Karen” Customer - Uzair Ahmed Is Transforming HVAC Customer Interactions

Uzair Ahmed joins us to discuss his disruptive approach to improving HVAC companies customer service using AI technology to handle customer interactions.  His ideas was born from his work starting a mobile mechanic business and trying to scale the idea as the #Uber of automotive maintenance.  He learned that these were smaller ticket interactions and scaling was going to be difficult if you wanted to be profitable.  He applied what he had learned and developed a consulting approach for HVAC companies that improve service, process and performance.  As he optimizes the processes, he applies an AI based technology built on.

Gold Nuggets:

1 - Do one thing at a time to effect meaningful change

2 - Making your business simple is NOT Easy

3 - Technology can improve the process, but if the process is bad it isn't worth improving.


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