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Niching Down in Reporting Using CHAMPS Analytics to Power Electrical Companies Insights With Chuck Patel

Chuck Patel

Chuck Patel sold cable scramblers as a kid, as described in a Popular Mechanics article, and became hooked on technology and business. He subsequently participated in a startup that experienced a successful exit. Eventually, he found his way to CHAMPS Software, where he currently serves as the President. They provide dashboard reporting utilizing their data analytics to help power companies save hundreds of millions of dollars each year. This episode is a fascinating testament to how combining your passion with business can lead to enjoying both business and life. Did you know our amazing voices can go beyond just the microphone? Yes, we have video! Subscribe to our YouTube channel here!



(03:06) - CHAMPS Analytics Software for Business

(10:39) - Entrepreneurial Conversations on Software Development

(20:48) - Evolution of CRM Software Industry

(33:39) - Sales Skills Training and Approach

(44:15) - CHAMPS Software Growth and History

(48:36) - Small Business Success Strategies and Lessons

(58:06) - Communication Challenges With Millennials

(01:02:51) - CHAMPS in Nuclear Power?


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