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Mastering Your Marketing Rhythm with Jennifer Filson

Jennifer Filson

Strap in for a marketing safari with the electrifying Jennifer Filson of Rockstar Marketing as we traverse the terrains of personal growth, standout strategies, and emotional storytelling in business. This episode isn't just a conversation; it's a treasure map to mastering the unique pace at which your own success story unfolds. Jennifer's journey from the vibrant music scene of Jacksonville, Florida to the marketing mountaintop in Monterey, California is a testament to the art of blending passions with professional expertise. Tune in and uncover how the rhythm of West Coast swing can teach us a thing or two about adaptability and innovation in the competitive business landscape. Did you know our amazing voices can go beyond just the microphone? Yes, we have video! Subscribe to our YouTube channel here!



(11:13) - Evolution of Social Media Marketing

(20:12) - Marketing Through Emotional Connection

(27:02) - Stand Out in Your Business

(35:24) - SEO Content Strategy for Website Growth

(49:29) - Finding Your Niche and Dominating Industries

(52:58) - Home Painting and Marketing Conversation


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